Airbee Wireless and ZMD Develop Sub-1 GHz ZigBee Solution

Airbee Wireless, Inc. (OTC Other: ABEW) and ZMD AG (“ZMD”), announced a cooperation to develop a sub-1 GHz ZigBee solution based on the TI MSP430 microcontroller.

The effort covers delivery of Airbee’s ZigBee Network Software (ZNS) protocol stack integrated with ZMD’s newly released ZMD44102 RF transceiver, currently the only commercially available sub-1GHz RF transceiver for ZigBee.

This teaming will offer customers a ready-made platform to integrators and OEMs looking for turnkey sub-1 GHz ZigBee solutions.

Airbee’s intelligent networking solutions adhere to ZigBee specifications and represent the industry’s premier hardware-independent software products. Airbee’s embedded ZNS ZigBee product has the capability to operate on any microcontroller and IEEE 802.15.4 radio solution.

Compliant to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, the ZMD44102 operates in both the license-free North American band of 902MHz to 928MHz and in the European band of 868MHz to 870MHz. It features superior range performance of over 250 meters at 0dBm output power and has ultra-low-power modes of operation, including a network management power mode using less than 3mA.

“We are committed to delivering software solutions to the leaders of the ZigBee community and by partnering with ZMD we are able to provide high quality ZigBee software solutions in the 900 MHz arena,” said Raj Sundaresan, Airbee’s CEO.

Kory Brown, VP of ZMD’s wireless division, added, “When combined with Airbee’s ZNS stack built on TI’s MSP430 MCU, the ZMD44102 gives customers what they demand today: networking, and low power operation, and communication range. This is yet another step in making a one-stop solution possible and early time to market achievable.”

About Airbee Wireless Inc.
Airbee is an innovator of intelligent software solutions for unwired voice, data and video networking. Products include embedded software, management platform, development tools and services. Airbee technology is licensed by OEMs, silicon providers and integrators. All products are designed and engineered to comply with ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4 global standards. Airbee technology offers affordability, greater flexibility and shorter time to market, unlike anything else now available. To learn more about Life Unwired(TM) with Airbee technology inside, please call +1 (301) 517-1860.

About ZMD
Founded in 1961, ZMD AG specializes in the expert design, production, and marketing of mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and application-specific standard products (ASSPs) for automotive, industrial, and medical applications. Focused on high-precision signal conditioning and high-performance wireless communication, ZMD ensures an integrated foundation for robust sensor networks. With corporate headquarters in Dresden, Germany, ZMD also services customers from offices worldwide including: Melville, NY; San Diego, CA; Santa Clara, CA; Stuttgart, Germany; London, England; and Taipei, Taiwan.

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