Promi-ESD Bluetooth Serial Module Enables Wireless Communications

SENA Technologies introduced the Promi-ESD embedded Bluetooth serial module. The Promi-ESD is serial module for users who need to embed Bluetooth connectivity directly onto the circuit boards of RS232 based equipment like security systems, POS, industrial machinery, and medical devices. It can be connected to the device via built-in UART interface and communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones, handheld computers and laptops.

Promi-ESD embedded Bluetooth serial module

The Promi-ESD supports General access and Serial port profiles, and data transfer speeds up to 230Kbit/s. The dimensions of this module are 27 x 27 x 14mm. With no software required, the Promi-ESD provides transparent wireless serial communications. The unit can be configured and controlled by using typical AT commands. Transmit range can be extended up to 1km (ESD01) when using the optional patch antenna.

The benefits of integrating Bluetooth wireless capabilities include: eliminating cable installation cost, reduce installation and setup, while adding wireless device monitoring and diagnostics.

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SENA is a manufacturer of terminal servers, serial device servers, wireless device servers, bluetooth connectivity products, and embedded device servers, for device networking solution in the areas of IT/Telco, retail/POS, industrial automation, building automation, and medical automation. SENA markets its products through a global network of distributors and resellers, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).