Infinite Industrial Informatics Unveils iLOG Digital RTU Data Loggers

Infinite Industrial Informatics Ltd participated at this year’s MTEC trade show in Birmingham, UK (Feb 15-16, 2006) and presented its state-of-the-art digital RTU data logger series.

iLOG is a new generation telemetry unit incorporating full Internet connectivity. The device bears an LCD screen and a keyboard that simplify control, calibration operations and change of parameters.

iLOG includes:

  • One fully functional TCP/IP webserver with incorporated webpages illustrating measurements and basic configuration settings.
  • A most complete set of socket application commands for device remote control and management.
  • Internal storage memory of 512KB, big enough to hold records for more than one year, when the logging rate is set at 15 minutes.
  • Four high-resolution analog inputs to register and monitor analog signals (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-1V, PT100, RTD) such as temperature, humidity, pressure, level, etc.
  • Four digital inputs to measure and record digital states (on/off). Two digital inputs incorporate pulse and frequency counters, and may be treated as virtual analog inputs.
  • Two digital relay outputs for system, or user defined automation.
  • One auxiliary RS232 port for firmware upgrade, or local data download.

iLOG is available in three models:

  • iLOG-LAN – it carries a built-in 10BaseT Ethernet LAN adaptor and can be directly hooked on to a local network, to transmit its data and alarms. If the local network has a gateway to the Internet, then iLOG can also transmit data and alarm via email, or FTP.
  • iLOG-GSM – it carries a built-in GSM/GPRS modem and can be directly connected to a mobile telephony network, to transmit its alarms via SMS. If an Internet access dial-up account is available, then iLOG can also transmit data and alarms via email, or FTP.
  • iLOG-EDM – it carries a built-in serial communication port to attach an external modem, supporting all needed modem protocols (dial-up, Hayes, GSM, CDMA, RF, even Tetra) to transmit data and alarms via email, or FTP.

iLOG can be set for automatic data transfer at user-defined schedules. Transfer functions can be performed for either local or remote PCs using Ethernet, or Internet connection. Up to five email recipients, two FTP servers and five SMS recipients can be defined and controlled by iLOG. The device is completely independent from any special communication software. Data transfer is performed using standard file types, like csv and xls. In case of FTP, the files are directly uploaded to the FTP server, while in case of email, the files are attached to the email body.

With iLOG the end-user may have access to the real-time readings, as well as the recorded data, from anywhere in the world, regardless of his physical location, or where the actual installation lays. A real example can be seen online where an iLOG-LAN unit publishes its readings.

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