Chipworks Supports Reverse Engineering Demand with Office in Korea

Chipworks, the industry leader in reverse engineering and analysis of semiconductor chips and systems, today announced the opening of another office in the Asia Pacific region. Located in Bundang, Seoul and serving the Korean market, this office will support growing customer demand for Chipworks reverse engineering and intellectual property support in this highly innovative region.

“The Korean electronics market is undergoing rapid growth and expansion,” says Terry Ludlow, CEO and Founder of Chipworks. “Electronics manufacturers in Korea are making some of the world’s largest R&D investments; thus producing state-of-the-art electronic devices. They are looking to Chipworks expertise to help them maintain their global market positions while they protect their intellectual property.”

The Chipworks presence in Korea will continue to be led by Mr. JaeHo Kim, an industry veteran who has represented Chipworks in this region since 2002. Mr. Kim has helped Chipworks generate a strong and growing customer base in Korea.

“Although Chipworks has already established a solid presence in Korea, we are the first reverse engineering company to put down roots with a storefront,” says Mr. Kim. “Our aim is to get closer to our Korean customers, to even better understand their needs and help them to achieve their goals.”

Korean companies provide the industry with a stable supply of high quality, powerful and low cost semiconductors. In 2001, the country produced a quarter of the world’s memory chips and since then has been experiencing year-over-year growth. System LSI area is also growing rapidly, with several leading companies in Korea also focusing on SoC [Systems-on-Chip], all contributing to the rapidly growing high-technology IT products. This expansion has solidified Korea’s position as a leader in the chip market.

Chipworks Korea is located in Bundang, a very strategic location easily accessible to most IT companies in the country.

“We have aligned our strategic plan, core capabilities and resources to serve Korea’s semiconductor and electronics industry,” says Terry. “They rely on Chipworks analyses to protect their intellectual property, accelerate their cycles and strengthen their future designs.”

About Chipworks
Chipworks is an internationally recognized technical services company that analyzes the circuitry and physical composition of semiconductors and electronic systems. Our services include a wide range of applications in patent licensing support and competitive study. For over 13 years, Chipworks has successfully helped semiconductor and electronics organizations achieve their goals by supporting research and development efforts in strategic product development and patent portfolio management. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the Company has offices around the world.