TimeSpring, Avamar Offer Protection and Recoverability for Windows Data

Avamar Technologies, Inc. and TimeSpring Software Corp. announced a technology alliance partnership. Medium-sized businesses to large enterprises can benefit from the combination of TimeSpring’s TimeData Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software and Avamar’s Axion software to continuously protect, efficiently store and rapidly recover Windows data. The integration of leading solutions for CDP from TimeSpring and commonality factoring from Avamar demonstrates how next generation data protection technologies are merging into a common infrastructure that offers more comprehensive data availability without disruption to enterprises.

Enterprises challenged with managing growing volumes of data in dynamic Windows environment can integrate TimeData and Axion into their existing storage and backup infrastructures without disruption. TimeData file-based, application-aware CDP software captures all changes to application data as they occur and stores them in a secure, independent repository. TimeData presents application-consistent views of data, such as Exchange stores and SQL Server databases, for snap up by Axion. This provides additional, efficient protection for long term data storage by leveraging Avamar’s unique common data factoring capabilities. Enterprises can easily copy data to tape using existing tape infrastructure as desired or replicate the data to a remote site to enable a robust DR plan. The net result is an integrated data protection infrastructure that provides rapid application data recovery, while enabling storage and operational efficiencies.

“Avamar is extremely excited to have TimeSpring as a partner in the Avamar Technology Alliance program. We’re looking forward to bringing the efficient data protection of Avamar to CDP,” said Steve Kenniston, vice president of corporate development responsible for Avamar’s Technology Alliance Program. “IT professionals are challenged today when it comes to brining the right level of RPO / RTO to their data protection environment. One size does not fit all and this partnership helps IT get closer to managing their business more effectively.”

“This partnership is an example of adding value on top of value,” said Tony Asaro, senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. “It’s all about protecting your data and being able to recover it rapidly. TimeSpring provides real time data protection through its CDP solution and Avamar protects the TimeSpring server. TimeSpring is the watchman and Avamar is watching the watchman.”

“This alliance represents an important milestone in the maturity of next generation data protection, as enterprises seek to simplify and improve data protection by integrating several leading solutions in a unified infrastructure,” said Janae Lee, CEO of TimeSpring. “Partnering with Avamar makes sense for TimeSpring, since our solutions work together so that customers can easily scale protection for rapidly changing Windows data environments.”

About Avamar
Avamar is the leading provider of enterprise data protection software that allows corporations to efficiently move, store, and leverage information for business value. Founded in 1999, Avamar provides scalable solutions for global corporations, from medium-sized business to large, multi-national enterprises.

Axion is a data protection software solution that stores its data on an efficient, scalable, and high availability server grid. As a result, Axion can cost-effectively provide storage for large, multi-year archives, all of which are available on demand. By providing secure, flexible access to its centralized data store, Axion helps enterprises unleash the strategic value of their information.

For more information on the Avamar Technology Alliance program, please visit Avamar’s web site at www.avamar.com/partners1.asp.

About TimeSpring
Capitalizing on its technology patents, TimeSpring’s software is setting a new standard for continuous data protection and availability. TimeSpring’s software, TimeData?, automatically captures all changes to application data in real-time, making it possible to recover from loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes. Additionally, TimeData makes it easy to analyze report and test using real data at any time, without impacting operations. TimeData is easier to implement, easier to use and more affordable than other systems. Founded in 1994, TimeSpring has business offices in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Newport Beach, California, USA and sales offices nationwide. More information is available at www.timespring.com