TEK Gets Exclusive Rights to QinetiQ Real-time Embedded Systems Products

TEK Microsystems, Inc. of Chelmsford MA and QinetiQ’s Real Time Embedded Systems Group (RTES) based in Malvern, UK, today announced an agreement whereby TEK Microsystems has licensed the rights to exclusively manufacture and distribute QinetiQ’s best-in-class RTES products worldwide. Licensing includes current VXS-based products and cores as well as all related intellectual property (IP). The companies will continue to collaborate on products under development. These products will now be manufactured and ruggedized at TEK Microsystems’ Chelmsford, MA headquarters.

“With this agreement Tekmicro has taken a significant growth step. Our revenues of QinetiQ-type products will double with our expansion into Europe where established and successful programs are already being fulfilled,” said Andrew Reddig, president and CEO/CTO of TEK Microsystems. “As a result of our ongoing relationship with QinetiQ, we have more VXS-based products than anyone in the embedded market. Our worldwide market penetration will also expand beyond the QinetiQ RTES products with more focused distribution of Tekmicro’s own I/O centric products. This will continue to fuel additional company growth.”

Steve Brittan, managing director of QinetiQ’s Spectrum Solutions division adds, “This agreement continues to deepen the relationship between QinetiQ and TEK Microsystems which has been fruitful for both companies. We share a similar culture of customer innovation and commitment that will continue to grow over time. QinetiQ RTES has been a long-standing industry leader developing advanced Signal Processing cores and IP. TEK Microsystems has a proven track record as an ISO9001 manufacturer and integrator. Together we are bringing world-class technology solutions to the embedded military markets.”

The combination of high performance digitizing / DSP FPGA boards and best-in-class FPGA cores from QinetiQ with TEK Microsystems innovative fabric agnostic boards and systems provides developers with solutions which reduce both the development time and cost of complex real time embedded systems.


  • TEK Microsystems will acquire all of QinetiQ RTES intellectual property for current and planned products including hardware and cores
  • Manufacturing will be moved to TEK Microsystems’ Chelmsford, MA based headquarters
  • TEK Microsystems and QinetiQ RTES will continue to collaborate on new products and IP
  • TEK Microsystems bundles pre-compiled Quixilica FPGA cores, which are widely regarded as the best cores in the world, into its VXS-based products. These include advanced, highly configurable cores for DSP functions such as FIR and FFT, and will dramatically simplify FPGA programming.

About TEK Microsystems, Inc.
Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, TEK Microsystems, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of advanced high-performance boards and systems for embedded real-time computing systems. Tekmicro’s comprehensive product line includes advanced signal processing and data recording systems, carrier boards based on widely adopted industry standards, and more than 30 PMC cards. These products are used in real-time systems designed for data acquisition, instrumentation, control systems and signal processing in customer applications such as reconnaissance, signals intelligence, satellite telemetry, mine detection, medical imaging, radar, sonar, semiconductor inspection and seismic research.

About QinetiQ
QinetiQ (pronounced ki’ ne tik as in ‘kinetic energy’) is a leading global defense technology and security company. Founded in July 2001 from the majority of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), the laboratories of the UK MOD, QinetiQ today has grown internationally, with 12,000 employees in the UK and US, many of them internationally acclaimed experts, providing government and commercial customers some of the best resources to create, evaluate, test, and deliver technology based services, solutions and products.