DVS Digital Video Systems Unveils Pronto2K.2, ProntoHD.2 Disk Recorders

DVS adds two additional systems to its product line-up from April 2006. The disk recorders Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2 will complement the model range of the Pronto2K and ProntoHD. For these new products DVS developed a special video board enabling a number of new features, including full autoconforming with transitions.

The current disk recorders Pronto2K and ProntoHD allow instant access to uncompressed 2K, HD and SD data thanks to the NT file system. On top of these features the new Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD offer additional conforming with transitions. The software handles the corresponding rendering so that in addition to hard cuts, transitions are supported as well. The new chassis makes further configurations with enhanced storage capacities possible.

The new disk recorders set standards by their additional format options. The Pronto2K.2 has been optimized for operation in the area of Digital Intermediate. The disk recorder is equipped with a dual-link HD-SDI interface and supports SD, HD, HSDL as well as 2K in 8, 10 or 12 bit in RGB and YUV. The ProntoHD.2 is best suited for presentations and HD production work. The single-link HD-SDI interface effortlessly handles play-out and capture of SD and HD in 8 or 10 bit.

The new recorders offer many benefits: DVS is able to offer favourable pricing by using standard industry components. Redundant power supplies reduce the chance of a breakdown of the disk recorders. So alongside CLIPSTER, another DVS product now supports turnkey conforming.

Juergen Heger, Senior Product Manager at DVS, has high hopes for the new product line: “Particularly customers with smaller budgets will now have access to the world of uncompressed, high-definition images with the new disk recorders Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2. High-end image quality – typical of DVS – is inherent in the new product line.” Heger stresses: “Since the new disk recorders support autoconforming they are even more flexible in their use.”

DVS with headquarters in Hanover, Germany and Los Angeles, USA has achieved sustained success in 2005: CLIPSTER won the prestigious Digital Cinematography Award. In addition to its cooperation with Hollywood film studios DVS teamed up with companies such as The Mill, Midnight Transfer, Sony, Kodak and Bang & Olufsen.