Chipworks Announces Reports for Matsushita 65nm SoC, Toshiba NAND Flash

Chipworks is pleased to announce the following reports are available for purchase:

  • Matsushita, MN2DS0015AA, SoC
    • Structural Analysis Report SAR-0603-802
    • Transistor Characterization Report TCR-0604-801
  • Toshiba TH58NVGUD4CTG00, 16 Gb MLC, 70nm NAND Flash
    • Structural Analysis Report SAR-0605-801

Matsushita, MN2DS0015AA 65nm
What’s interesting about the Matsushita, MN2DS0015AA 65nm?
With their first product fabricated with 65nm process technology Matsushita has joined a very elite group of semiconductor fabrication companies. This SoC device for DVD players is fabricated in their new 300mm wafer fab (a joint venture with Renesas) in Uozu City, Japan.

According to Susumu Koike, Matsushita’s senior managing director in charge of technology and president of Matsushita’s semiconductor company, this part features a transistor gate length of 55nm, which is consistent with that found by Chipworks. This is longer than that prescribed by ITRS for 65nm node, but was selected to achieve reduced power dissipation. However, even with the longer gate length Matsushita has still achieved a high level of integration as evidenced by a 6T-SRAM cell area of just 0.57um2 this represents the smallest commercial SRAM cell that Chipworks has seen to-date. This has been achieved through aggressive design rules for the contact and metal layers.

What’s in the Matshushita report?
The Matsushita 65nm process technology uses nickel silicide; resolution enhancement technology and copper interconnect to ensure stable production. The technology allows low-power consumption and high-speed processing, as well as high transistor density at the same time.

Toshiba TH58NVGUD4CTG00
What’s interesting about the Toshiba MLC NAND Flash?
The Toshiba TH58NVGUD4CTG00 is a 16Gb, multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory component. This new part achieves 2GB of storage in a single thin, small-outline package (TSOP) by stacking two 70nm Toshiba 8Gb MLC NAND chips.

What’s inside the Toshiba MLC NAND Flash report?
Chipworks gets inside the markets’ latest MLC NAND Flash. With this 70nm 16Gb MLC, Toshiba launches its 70nm process NAND Flash. This part is the first MLC NAND Flash fabricated in a 70nm generation seen to-date by Chipworks. Our report will detail the design, structure and process in what may be the lowest cost per bit device on the market.

Chipworks also has structural analysis reports on the Samsung 4Gb K9F4G08UOM 70nm device, SAR-0509-801.

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