LynuxWorks Joins Eclipse Foundation as Add-in Provider

LynuxWorksTM, a world leader in the embedded software market, announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation as an add-in provider. LynuxWorks will initially support the Eclipse open source community by helping increase an industry focus on Eclipse based embedded development products while evaluating how the company can leverage some of its own products into relevant Eclipse projects.

Prior to officially joining the foundation, LynuxWorks was an early adopter of the Eclipse framework. The company’s Eclipse based product called Luminosity is a full-featured JavaTM-based integrated development environment (IDE) and was released in 2005. Designed to accelerate time to market for embedded system developers, Luminosity supports LynuxWorks comprehensive portfolio of open standards based operating systems including LynxOS(R) 4.x, BlueCat(R) Linux(R) 5.x and LynxOS-178 solutions.

In addition to developing products based on the Eclipse framework, LynuxWorks’ executive evangelism for the foundation has been gaining steady momentum. LynuxWorks Chairman and CEO Dr. Inder Singh has publicly supported the Eclipse ideology in various industry articles. In addition, Robert Day, vice president of marketing for LynuxWorks, has been very active as co-chair of the Eclipse embedded workgroup, published several articles on the Eclipse framework and will also be presenting a paper titled, “Eclipse: Under the Hood” at the Embedded Systems Conference in Silicon Valley.

“Supporting the Eclipse Foundation is directly in line with the company’s philosophy and open standards based approach to our RTOS products and tools,” said Robert Day, vice president of marketing. “Furthermore, by joining the foundation, we will be able to utilize the rich set of tools that the Eclipse ecosystem offers as plug-ins. This ecosystem gives our customers both products specific to embedded development and the enterprise space, which will help improve their software development process.”

“The Eclipse Foundation offers a warm welcome to LynuxWorks,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Their involvement with the foundation, and with their Eclipse based product lines, they are helping us to maintain the huge momentum that Eclipse has in the embedded space.”

About LynuxWorks
LynuxWorks is a world leader in the embedded software market, providing operating systems, software development products and consulting services for the world’s most successful communications, aerospace/defence, and consumer products companies. Established in 1988, the company is a technology leader in the real-time operating systems (RTOS) industry. LynuxWorks’ headquarters are located in San José, California.

LynuxWorks is a trademark and LynxOS and BlueCat are registered trademarks of LynuxWorks, Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.