IBM Validates Catalyst Openmake 6.4.1 Ready for Rational

Catalyst Systems Corporation, a leading provider of Build Workflow technology, today announced the interoperability between Catalyst Openmake 6.4.1, IBM Rational Application Developer, and the IBM Rational ClearCase suite through validation in the IBM “Ready for Rational” program. Today’s announcement confirms that Openmake is validated for the complete Rational application lifecycle from IBM Rational Application Developer to the IBM Rational ClearCase product line. This validation extends an already existing relationship between the two companies, when in 2004 Catalyst received IBM “Ready for Rational” validation for its Openmake plug-in support of IBM Rational Application Developer.

The integration between IBM Rational Application Developer, Openmake and IBM Rational ClearCase provides a fully traceable and automated software delivery workflow reducing IT cost, improving software quality and mitigating the risk normally associated with ad-hoc scripted ALM processes. The integration creates a workflow that allows developers to turnover their IBM Rational Application Developer Project to be built using Openmake under IBM Rational ClearCase control in a completely automated fashion, without any ad hoc Ant/XML manual scripting.

“The Openmake integration with the IBM Rational software offers customers a highly traceable Build to Release Workflow, a critical component of governing the software development lifecycle,” said Claudia Dent, vice president, Business Development, IBM Rational Software. “Openmake’s automation of core build components as well as its support of IBM Rational ClearMake helps complete a fully IT compliant ALM process.”

By removing the manual scripting from the build to release workflow, Openmake allows Rational ClearCase to remain in control of how the objects are built vs. relying on untraceable ad hoc Ant/XML scripts to execute this critical task. Openmake’s ClearCase Inspector traces the footprint between IBM Rational Application Developer and IBM Rational ClearCase to meet the highest and most accurate level of IT Governance – proof of matching source to production executables. Openmake controls how the deployable objects are configured, lists what dependency objects are and are not under ClearCase control, and provides an accurate Build Audit Report showing what dependencies were used by IBM Rational Application Developer during the build, including ClearCase item history. Openmake Build Audit Reports go far beyond simply listing what was checked out of ClearCase for the build and instead reports on what dependencies were actually called during the Build workflow.

This same level of audit control is available using Openmake and IBM Rational ClearCase with Microsoft .Net, Eclipse, Oracle Forms, database updates, Install Shield, as well as over 200 other common build tasks. Openmake supports builds for Windows, Unix, Linux and z/OS. For teams that use IBM Rational ClearMake as their main build engine for legacy systems, Openmake enhances the ClearMake build process providing Bill of Material reports, ClearCase Build Difference Reports and Build performance monitoring reports and graphs. By supporting ClearMake and a large variety of development tools and platforms, Openmake offers the most agile Build and ALM workflow technology available.

According to Mark Driver, Research VP, Gartner Inc., “The build process remains to be one of the last untamed frontiers in the overall application development landscape. Homegrown build scripts are quickly becoming an obstacle to streamlining the development process and meeting IT Governance requirements.”

“Our continuing relationship with IBM allows us to offer IBM RAD Developers and IBM Rational ClearCase Users a mature method of managing the Build to Release workflow. From developers executing test builds inside of IDEs, to ClearCase Administrators managing a complete Build to Release workflow, Openmake 6.41 offers a streamlined alternative to manually scripted builds and manually scripted point-to-point ALM processes” said Tracy Ragan, CEO, Catalyst Systems Corporation. “The power of our combined solution is why IBM Rational is a preferred provider for our customers.”

Pricing & Availability
Openmake 6.41 is available immediately, with prices starting at $50 USD for lifecycle automation workflow seats to $350 USD for full build automation workflow seats.

About Catalyst Systems
Catalyst Systems Corporation has been the leading provider of Build Workflow Management technology since 1995. Catalyst Systems has specialized in the design and implementation of reliable and repeatable application build processes for Global 2000 organizations since 1995. Openmake, Catalyst Systems’ flagship product, enables development teams to get back to the task of writing high-value business applications by eliminating the task of writing low-value build scripts.

Openmake is a registered trademark of Catalyst Systems Corporation.

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